Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Casting Call

One last movie-related post before I give it a rest: the obligatory author look-alike post.

Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris  (winner of best original screenplay, set at least partially in 1920s Paris) got me thinking about who I would cast in the role of certain famous writers. Here are a few suggestions just for the heck of it. Let me know what you think. (And I will cross-post this in our Forum, in case you want to add any of your own.)

This first one’s not an exact match, but there’s something in the downward slope of the eyes, the highway patrolman moustache and the slight hint of a smirk that makes me think you could do a lot worse in casting a young William Faulkner than Edward Norton Jr.:

As you can see, this second one is a surprising and uncanny likeness. A young Ernest Hemingway could be played pretty convincingly by 80s-era Charlie Sheen:

As for a youthful Ezra Pound? How about a goateed Jim Caviezel?:

For crusty, old Steinbeck, I think the obvious answer is Vincent Price:

And this last one speaks for itself. Who could possibly make a better Gertrude Stein than Joe Pesci?

Add your own here!


  1. Reader Jennifer has added a very nice Stephen King/Janet Reno set to the forum.

  2. Hemingway played by Charlie Sheen doesn't work for me. Simple as that.

    1. Did you even see the pictures?

      When you look at that picture of Hemingway, you can almost picture him cracking his knuckles in a suburban Chicago police station, asking Jeanie Bueller if she's in there for drugs.


  3. Robert Frost + Andy Rooney