There’s finally a place where profound literary observations can be mumbled through mouthfuls of Doritos. It’s a place where Jose Saramago and Homer Simpson are quoted with equal ease. It’s a place where regular Joes, without MFAs and PhDs, can talk about the best books and call great authors on the carpet.

Welcome to Shelf Actualization, the gateway drug for literary fiction.

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MacEvoy DeMarest is a writer by avocation and a corporate hack by day. In a moment of overpowering curiosity that struck him in his early twenties, he tore off the coke-bottle glasses and loosened the bun of his highschool English reading list- a list he had always ignored as too bland and onerous to be worth a damn. He was floored by the fascinating beauty that had been hiding in plain sight, and has been enamored of good books ever since. He lives with his wife and three children in Atlanta, Georgia.

Tucker McCann is a hispanophile and paella aficionado trapped in the body of an in-house counsel attorney. He has man-crushes on Hemingway and Kerouac, but has assured us he will be moderate in his praise of either. (I say that as if it mattered. But since he never posts anymore, it doesn't.) He is, himself, a lovable bastard in the mold of his literary idols, and surprises all who know him by being a decent father and husband to his Salt Lake City-based family.

Orlando Carmichael holds the only bona fide credential that even remotely qualifies us to run a literature site, a Creative Writing minor that is currently being squandered in the education of a new generation of lawyers. Unfortunately, he hasn't posted anything since our second month on the web. We're not even sure he knows this site still exists. He resides with his wife and two Irish wolf hounds in the Washington D.C. area.