Thursday, July 5, 2012

Behind the Scenes Tour, and $100 to the Winner

We launched this site eight months ago with a contest. As you may recall, we gave you a peek into the Billiard Room here at, and asked you to name as many of the twenty authors pictured as you could:

Well, today we’re going to up the ante a bit. We’re taking you back behind the scenes at Shelf Actualization headquarters to show you four more of our storied spaces: the Grand Entrance Lobby, the Gallery, the Dining Hall and the Conservatory

Milling about, you’ll find fifty more unidentified authors. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to name as many of the authors as you can. Up for grabs is a $100 Amazon gift card (or credit to your local indie bookstore if we can swing it.) Click on each picture for a larger view, and scroll to the bottom for contest rules.

Grand Entrance Lobby:


Dining Hall:


Feel free to conjecture, obfuscate and mislead in the comments below, but email  your entry to, listing your guesses for each room from left to right as in the example below:

Lobby (Mezzanine Level):
2 Author A
3 Author B
5 Author C
8 Author D
9 Author E

Lobby (Main floor)
1 Author  F
3 Author G
4 Author H
5 Author I
8 Author J


Just leave blanks where you have no good guesses. Each correctly named author nets you one point. The entry with the most correct answers wins. Any ties will be settled with a random number generator, based on the order in which the entries came in. Blog or tweet the contest and we’ll add five points to your tally (Just include a link in your entry email.) Any questions? No? Then good luck! We'll announce the winner one week hence, on the morning of July 12th.


  1. Awesome doesn't even begin to describe this. Wow.

  2. Okay. This is going to take some time. What's the deadline from entering?

    1. Let's call it midnight Wednesday night, Anonymous.

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