Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Poet's Corner: Parody Edition

Can a poem be so bad that it crosses over into “awesome.” Today I’m operating on the assumption that it can. I happened upon some old scraps of paper yesterday, scraps I’d scribbled on in high school- when my only relationship to poetry was to make fun of it with my friends. I thought I’d share one of these creations here. I figure that if the internet can appreciate the brilliance of Shitty Watercolors, it must also have a place for intentionally crappy poems:

Day of McDermot’s Silence
By Farkus

Incogitant winds make me sway,
Disregarding indemnifications,
Geminating my agony.
Time is a braying beast of burden.
Helen of Troy, make no vain promises!
They penetrate my fervid core.
                I am enervate.

Your turn.

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