Saturday, May 12, 2012

Six down. Many more to go.

Yesterday, our sixth month slipped quietly into the record books. Thanks to all of you who continue to drop by. Above are the authors we’ve highlighted this month, and below are the 5 most popular posts from the last 30 days:

And of course, the 10 wackiest search terms that have led readers here:
  • Vintage spanking boys  >>>>  Has something to do with the picture on this post.
  • Mad Men writer pen name  >>>>  Lots of people found what they were looking for here.
  • Keeping Up with the Joneses writer new York  >>>>  That would take you to this little diddy.
  • Brag about his Pulitzer  >>>>   Eudora Welty, belcher extraordinaire
  • Robert Downey Jr. long hair  >>>>  Ah, the author look-alike series.
  • A taste of blackberries  >>>>  We’ve mentioned this exactly once.    
  • Assonance  cartoon  >>>>  I really hope they used our Dr. Seuss visual for whatever they needed
  • Dirty Igloo Water Dispenser  >>>>  No dirty dispensers, but “water-proof” and “igloo” take you here.
  • Sockless Ad   >>>>  Will take you to a sockless Albert Einstein
  • Lesbian Cowgirl Book  >>>>  Tucker’s descriptor for a Cormack McCarthy title.


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  2. Hmmm, thought I could just delete the whole comment. I figured it was a typo, but that you'd want to know.

    Love what you've covered in only six months, keep up the good work!