Saturday, August 11, 2012

Another Month in the Can

We’ve seen our traffic take a slight dip in the past month. We can only hope it’s evidence that people are enjoying their summer instead of burning their eyes out surfing the information superhighway. To the rest of you, why don’t you go out and have some fun while the weather holds? Don’t worry, we’ll be here when you get back.

As usual, here are our five most popular posts from this past month:

And the many-splendored search terms that led readers here:

Phillis Diller really big hair  >>>>  We've mentioned her once
John updike on the sidewalk  >>>>  I disagree with Updike here
Topless hemingway  >>>>  ...And Twain, Ginsberg and London
How does midnight in paris portray paris  >>>>  See here
To have and have not book  >>>>  The only Hemingway/Faulkner collaboration
Little Lizzy Mann  >>>>  Covered it here
Knut Jensen cyclist  >>>>  Our only cycling post so far
Guy frozen on dance floor  >>>>  This awesome post
The bee gees Saturday night fever album cover  >>>>  The same post again
From the first clang of the rail  >>>>  First Line Friday, Solzhenitsyn style

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