Thursday, June 21, 2012

Haiku-ption Contest #8

My haiku is below. Give us yours in the comments.

Jackie Onassis:
Graceful former first lady,
Planking pioneer


  1. Pillbox hat and pearls
    I’m schlepping a mannequin
    Fireman’s carry.

  2. It feels real to me
    This forbidden love of ours
    Who cares what they say?

  3. Mrs. Kennedy
    belonged to a president
    But now she is Earl’s

  4. Replies
    1. Wait...there's more than one of you running this, right? I might be confused. If that is the case, YOU'RE swell.

      I realize none of this has been a haiku, for which I apologize. "Something something about a bee and a lotus flower"

    2. Well, three of us dreamed up the site, and two of us keep it going. (After penning four fantastic posts, our third comrade lapsed into a silent partnership role, in which he only responds to email chains about college sports or Euro Cup 2012.)

      We pray for his safe return to blogging every day of our lives.

    3. Could not get a date
      But this one didn't resist
      Though hard to carry.