Monday, June 11, 2012

Another Month in the Books

Above are some of the authors we highlighted last month, and below are the most popular posts.

And, of course, the peculiar search terms that bring people to this corner of the web:

  • "Nabokov Joyce photo": We believe this is the only one that exists.
  • "Ceiling of the Sistine Chapel man carrying acorns": This Forster post.
  • "Erri De Luca": Short Story Club selection for April.
  • "Is King Solomon’s Mines a racist novel?": Talked about that here.
  • "Gatsby Rolls Royce": Something sadly missing from this game.
  • "Charlie Korsmo": We think he looks like Kafka.
  • "Neal Cassady": Diagnosed as bi-polar, here.
  • "Ernest Hemingway sockless": Ernest Hemingway + windsock
  • "Shadow of the Wind": Could have gone here, or here.
  • "Joseph Conrad": In his own words, here.

Keep coming back. And thanks as always for reading.

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