Friday, April 12, 2013

Another month in the Can

Right about the time I was lamenting the latest “100 Best” list yesterday, this little website quietly stacked its 16th month in the Shelf Actualization archives. With the average lifespan of a blog sitting right around two years, we promise to give it our best over the next 8 months or so before we shut it down.

Just kidding. (I hope.) Anyhoo, above are the authors we've covered lately. Now on to the 5 most popular posts from this past month:

And the many-splendored search terms that led some of you here:

  • Image of big merchant ship  >>  We’ve covered the merchant marine here
  • Sperm whale habitat map  >>  So big it should’ve made Ahab’s quest harder
  • Nanhsuchou  >>  The Good Earth, found!
  • Boat that inspired old man and the sea  >>  Well, at least the harbor
  • Huxley Smolarski  >>  A question of plagiarism, or just bad luck?
  • Taller than Robert Wadlow  >>  Our ode to the short story
  • Call me Ishmael Fourth Wall  >>  One way to open your own book
  • The Punishment of X4  >>  Appropriate now that Mad Men is back
  • Broken meats  >>  Shakespeare, the great hurler of insults
  • Animal House where are they now  >>  An early post on Turgenev and Belushi

Thanks for stopping by. Keep coming back!

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