Monday, May 13, 2013

Another Month in the Can

Over the weekend our staff worked to diligently put another month into the Shelf Actualization archives. Above are the authors covered in the past 30 days, and below are our 5 most popular posts from that period:

Finally, the nutty search terms that brought readers this way:

  • Edward Hirsch  >>  A basketball poem for tourney time.
  • Delta Wedding  >>  The review, or the Paul Simon lyrics
  • How to write like Kerouac  >>  Easier than you would think
  • White whale metaphor  >>  And a little Three Amigos for good measure
  • Significance of the dog in vast hell  >>  Search me. But the story was good.
  • Arthur miller and Eudora welty  >>  Was there a connection? Hmmm.
  • How are they alike Grapes of Wrath and Cry the Beloved Country  >>  It's the intercalary chapters, stupid.
  • Fictional geography  >>  That didn't end up being fictional
  • Map of don quixote’s travels  >>  Ours are as good as anything out there.
  • Is being unathletic bad?   >>  Well, it worked for Joyce.

Thanks for stopping by! You’re always welcome back.

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