Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Another Month in the Can

Today we pack up another month and throw it in the archives. Above are the authors we’ve covered this month, and below are the five most popular posts from that period:

And of course, some of the great search terms that led folks here:

  • Does Dirk Pitt have a  pet?   >> We don’t know, but here’s our ode to the adventure novel, the only place we've mentioned him.
  • Plot Twist in Farewell to arms  >>  from the comments of this post
  • Nelson Algren  >>  Our last Short Story Club Selection.
  • At the cancer clinic  >>  Ted Koozer knocks it out of the park
  • Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station  >> Yep. We've covered it.
  • Milkman compared to lily owens  >>  In our Links to the Past post
  • Around the world in 80 days airship  >>  THERE'S NO SUCH THING !!!
  • Death of a traveling salesman eudora welty or arthur miller  >>  Answer: Welty
  • Vinyl  >>   Another great poem
  • Proust Memory  >>  Could be this piece or this piece.

Thanks for visiting. You’re welcome back any time.

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