Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Short Story Club: The Trench by Erri De Luca

Welcome (again) to's Short Story Club.  This month's selection comes to us from arguably the most over-trodden god-forsaken country of Europe: Italy.

But, in spite of my low-level contempt for Italy, I find this month's short story selection very relevant.  Erri De Luca published The Trench in the March 2006 edition of The New Yorker.  I am assuming most of us are completely unacquainted with Erri De Luca, so let's have a quick look:  Born in 1950 in Naples, he has become a radical left wing idealist.  He has worked in Italy and France as a truck driver and mason.  Now considered to be a recluse, he lives in an isolated cottage in the hills far outside of Rome.

Now again, he is Italian.  So that sucks.  But let's get over it.  Here is the link to The Trench.  We'll meet back here tomorrow to discuss.  I couldn't look forward to it more than I currently do.

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  1. I love the chutspah of celebrating an Italian writer while denigrating the nation he hails from.

    Only Tucker...