Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Five Months Down!

Today we throw another month in the ol’ archive and celebrate our best traffic stats to date. Thanks to all of you who drop by sporadically, to the diehards who check in every day, and to those who take the time to comment and to link to us across the interwebs. Whatever your interest in this site, we love that you’re here. Come back soon, and come back often.

We’ve covered some great writers in the past 29 days, as you can see in the word cloud above. As usual, here are the ten strangest search terms that led people here, along with the links to whatever they found:

  • Commercial Shipping   >>>>  Yep. We’ve covered that here.
  • 1920s outdoor spigot   >>>>  We touched on this briefly, as well.
  • Explosion of awesome   >>>>  This could really land you on any of our pages, but most likely this one in particular.
  • African goose egg   >>>>  A throw-away line from this post.
  • Highschool freshman English   >>>>  First Line Friday… diagrammed! (to the best of my lackluster ability)
  • Ear stretcher girl   >>>>  We have no idea where this person ended up. Ear might take you here. Stretcher here. Girl? Who knows.
  • Animal House Ending   >>>>  Ah, one of our inaugural posts, forever lost in the obscurity of our earliest days.
  • Do Mothers Against Drunk Driving Sell Magazine Subscriptions   >>>>  Great question. I have no idea where we’ve answered it, though.
  • John Blutarsky wearing shorts   >>>>   This post, again.
  • Table graph of bullfights in Spain   >>>>  It has nothing to do with bull-fights (an oversight we regret), but there are graphs galore here.

And, of course, we’ll leave you with our five most popular posts from this past month:

We’d like to make this site as great as our mothers think it is. Let us know how we’re doing in the comments. What do you like? What bores you to death? Things like that…


  1. I've only come to this blog recently, so I'm not sure that I can offer in-depth commentary. I found your site via a link on 3Quarks Daily and have been a daily visitor since. I love the variety and the thoughtful/playful way that you handle your subject matter. I never leave a visit without something to consider and something to add to my "to read" list (a blessing and curse, as I'm sure that you know). All of your contributors are obviously very intelligent but there isn't a hint of condescension, elitism or snobbery; and you know that will turn people off to literature quicker than anything else of which I can think.

    Thanks for doing what you're doing. I'm improved squared, just as your title suggests will happen.


  2. Thanks, Eugene. Perhaps someday we'll be able to live up to that praise. Thanks for hanging around!