Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Writer's Voice

Sometimes we become so immersed in the distinctive literary voice of an author, that when we hear that same author's actual speaking voice, it can be a little jolting. My little brother forwarded me this interview at the passing of Mike Wallace last week. Take a moment to soak up Ayn Rand’s arrant views, as delivered through her strong Russian accent and cigarette-scorched voicebox.

So …Ayn Rand.

Some people have problems with her Objectivist philosophy. Others take issue with her Godlessness. Still other criticize her characters and her writing. But why on earth do I never hear one word about her love scenes? She’s got a little bit of a rape fantasy she’s trying to work through, and to me at least, it’s a little unsettling. And the exchange on the subject of love  embedded above  (about 8:00 in)  doesn't exactly help. In case you didn’t watch to the end, here is the excerpt I’m talking about:

Rand:    You love only those who deserve it.
Wallace:    And then, if a man is weak, or a woman is weak, then she is beyond, he is beyond, love?
Rand:    He certainly doesn’t deserve it. He certainly is beyond- he can always correct it. Man has free will. If a man wants love, he should correct his weaknesses or his flaws, and he may deserve it. But he cannot expect the unearned, either in love, or in money; either in method or in spirit.
Wallace:    But you have lived in our world and you realize, recognize the fallibility of human beings. There are very few of us, then, in this world, by your standards, who are worthy of love.
Rand:    Uh, unfortunately, yes. Very true.


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