Monday, December 10, 2012

Haiku-ption contest #12

To get you ready for the holidays, today’s haiku-ption contest carries a Christmas theme. Mine is below, throw your own in the comments as usual!

B.A. Barraccus
Mohawked stand-in for Santa
Nancy all aglow


  1. I pity the fool
    Who can’t celebrate the Yule
    With a man so cool

  2. Reagan is boiling
    Demoted to The B-Team
    In the People’s House

  3. Awkward photoshoot
    A press secretary sacked
    Marriage in ruins

  4. Blue Room Christmas tree
    Displays less tinsel and gold
    Than Mr. T’s neck

  5. An unlikely pair
    Like his tube socks and gold chains
    Christmas miracle

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