Monday, February 11, 2013

Another Month in the Can

We only covered about 20 different authors this month, but since we only post about twenty times in a month, that’s not too shabby- especially considering the huge, heaping helpings of Heller we heaved upon you. Here are the top 5 posts from the past thirty days:

And here, as usual, are some of the nutty search terms that led people to us:

“Death in Wuthering Heights”  >>  Well, we’ve done death of  Wuthering Heights
“Death in Brave New World”  >>  Um, we killed that one off, too
“Bosch garden of earthly delights”  >>  Enjoy a profound experience of art
“Man playing video games”  >>  We’ve done exactly three posts on video games.
“Sgt. Pepper’s Album”  >>  Why yes, of course we’ve covered that.
“Beast of Burden poem”  >>  I really hope the reader got something out of this parody poem
“edith newbold jones Wharton”  >>  Ah yes, our keeping up with the Joneses post.
“8-bit ham”  >>  How about the 8-bit Fitzgerald?
“Fiction town map coloring page” >>  Well, I guess you could use this for that.
“Modern library”  >>  The famous list that we sliced and diced here.

Thanks for visiting. Keep coming back!

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