Thursday, March 1, 2012

Closet Fictioneer (Part II)

Alas, it's true. I, Tucker McCann, have also written various stories (off and on) over the last several years. So I guess that makes me a closet fictioneer. I do it for the intellectual exercise. I'm convinced that these stories will never be published. But having said that, there is a thrill in (i) writing a solid story, (ii) forgetting about it for a year or two or three, and (iii) revisiting it at a later date, only to realize that the story has a solid foundation and actually works.

Yes, I write for the intellectual exercise, and because sometimes I feel the urge to write a story. And I'm not entirely sure why I feel that urge from time to time. But I feel it. The result of that urge is as follows:
  • "El Hombre Del Momento" is a short story wherein an aspiring journalist in Barcelona attempts to secure an interview with the acclaimed writer Juan Marse. When he fails to do so, he makes an unorthodox choice that will alter the trajectory of his career in journalism.
  • "The Prosaic Imperfectionists" is a short story about a group of literary-minded university students who think that they see Wallace Stegner in a cafe in downtown Salt Lake City. When they cannot ascertain the man's identity, they approach him to ask.
  • "The Ditch" is a short story wherein a cement drainage ditch behind a Los Angeles apartment complex defines the days and views of a young university couple.
  • "The Immensity of a Moment" is a short story tribute to Hemingway wherein a couple sits in the quiet of an evening and discusses a procedure which is never explicitly mentioned in the story.
  • "Writers And Prose And Stories" is a short story wherein the protagonist has a burning literature addiction that undercuts his ability to function in society, and eventually drives him to low-level madness and blindness.
  • "Simplifying The Dusk" is my novel, finished but not distributable, wherein a recent law school graduate moves to Barcelona to have a 'go' at writing a great novel, and what he discovers may, or may not, be what he had expected upon commencing the journey.
That's it. That is my collection. I still have various ideas at any given time for a great story. Some of them get penned. Some of them don't. Thus is the life of a closet fictioneer.


  1. If anyone's interesting in getting a flavor for Tucker's writing, I'll be posting various lines from his stories that struck me as exceptionally good over the coming weekend.

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