Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Lasting Legacy of Miss Stein's Salon

The list of famous modernist writers and avant guarde painters who graced Gertrude Stein’s Paris salon is incredibly well-known. It was Stein who famously first coined the term “the Lost Generation,” and her influence on the ex-pat artist community of Paris in those years cannot be overestimated.

But it’s a crying shame that no credit is given to her for her influence in spawning one of our greatest modern-day, pop-culture phenomena:

I refer, of course, to the Snuggie, the Slanket, the Toasty Wrap and any number of other “sleeved blanket” products, whose use she pioneered as far back as the 1920s (see picture above).

So, if you’ve ever donned three-and-a-half yards of plush fabric to keep you warm while you repose in a sub-room-temperature setting, you owe Miss Stein a giant debt of gratitude. 

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